Mobile Apps & TDD – It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Was having a conversation a couple of days ago and the subject of TDD with Mobile Development came up.
The bottom line was that, “most companies that are doing mobile apps could use TDD training.”

What happens is, they hear that “mobile is different” and then don’t write their code in a way that is testable.

This leaves them with an app who’s internal logic can only be validated by white box testing on as many different devices and operating systems as possible.

There are even people making the case that TDD doesn’t work for mobile because TDD only tests your code’s internal logic.

That’s a punch line.  Testing your code’s internal logic is what Test Driven Design  is intended to provide.

For those of you who would like to dig deeper on why TDD in the mobile space, read Robert van Loghem’s article “Why TDD + Continuous Testing is Imperative for Mobile Apps”

Robert references an old Object Mentor article that is no longer available except through the “Wayback Machine.”  You can read “Continuous Testing Explained” here


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