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3 Secrets To An Agile Mindset

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Recently I was asked how to position oneself from being a project manager to being a product owner and I came up with the following list


* Read the agile manifesto and underlying principles once a day for 30 days and then monthly until you leave the industry (it’s 267 words, it won’t take that long – 3 – 5 minutes each time.) and

* Watch Fred Kofman’s talk ” Doing Your Job May Be Hazardous To Your Career” (13:55)

* Take Steve Blank’s “How to build a startup” course (it’s free) (That’s about an hour a week for about 8 weeks)at


In the process though I realized that this list applies to anyone who is doing anything with agile software development, and possibly anything to do with starting their own business.


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