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Resource: 7 Agile Myths

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Ade Shokoya has a great article called “7 Agile Myths That Could Cost You Your Job & Reputation” which is an excerpt out of his book “Waterfall to Agile: A Practical Guide to Agile Transition.”


This short article is a insiders look at 7 common misconceptions that can hinder an agile adoption.


I’ve only got a minor nit to pick with his article.  Ade’s first myth is “Agile is a Methodology.”  This is either a myth or a truth depending on how you define methodology.

Like I said, it’s a nit.  His point in here is that Agile is an approach, not a step-by-step method.


Ade’s article is worth reading simply for his opening about “What animal is the king of the jungle.”


This excerpt from the article is one of my pet peeves, because I’ve seen so many companies slap the agile label on their waterfall process, and then complain about their lack of results.

Myth 4 – Labelling It ‘Agile’ Makes It Agile

As Agile practices grow in popularity, more and more organisations are becoming aware of the benefits Agile has to offer.

But rather than making the necessary organisational, cultural, and environmental changes required to achieve those benefits, many organisations are simply slapping “Agile” related labels on what they’re already doing, thinking that makes them Agile.

And when things don’t turn out as expected, Agile gets the blame.

But just as calling a dog a cat doesn’t make it so, re-labelling traditional software development methods “Agile” does not make them Agile. It takes more than that.